Beauty, It's Been A Long Time Love

I’m that girl. The one who walks into Sephora for an eyeliner and walks out with three full bags. Yup, I confess. I can’t help it. I’m a total kid in a candy store. To me, beauty products are the ultimate feel-good things. Little luxuries that can change your look in an instant.


Beauty has always been my jam. I’ve been dying my hair since 4th grade and playing with makeup since before I can even remember. It’s been a life-long obsession with all things, hair, makeup, and skincare. It’s in my DNA.

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been the go-to girl for product recommendations. My friends, my mom’s friends, and even my nana always asked me for the latest recs for lipstick shades, BB creams, and serums. They knew I tried anything and everything, like their own personal guinea pig. Experimenting with makeup shades let me play up a certain look or go all out and express myself through color. It felt transformative.

However, skincare is the foundation of ~everything~. I’m super-diligent about taking proper care of my skin with protection and treatment. I love trying new products, new ingredients, new facials—all the things to help me look flawless even without makeup.

My hair has been the one part of me I’ve experimented with the most. I’ve always thought I could do whatever I wanted to it: dye it Barbie-doll blonde, go back to brown the next week, then go blonder again, wear extensions, etc. And it would keep growing back because that’s what hair does, right? Wrong! My hair was damaged and breaking and I was constantly looking for ways to make it healthier—masks, treatments; you name it, I tried it.   

As women, hair is our thing. It’s what gives us that immediate boost of confidence to take on and own the day (at least for me). But if we don’t properly take care of it, our bouncy blowouts and luscious waves will just fall flat.

That’s a big reason why, when I discovered Champagne had some major benefits for my hair (thanks to a little birthday accident!), my entrepreneurial and beauty instincts kicked in and Cuvée Beauty was born. I realized it’s all about the right mix—making products with the most efficacious ingredients that truly make a difference and transform your hair. I’m so passionate about hair and scalp issues because that’s where healthy strands start.

Come along the ride with me as I dish on all things beauty, from my latest product faves to treatments. I’m so excited to share with you my tips and tricks and hear about yours too.



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