Body In Motion


Fitness is one of the things I’m most passionate about. But it took a long time to get there. 


Ok, so I was one of those lucky kids who could eat whatever I wanted and stay the same size. It was good while it lasted. But all that changed when I turned 19. Suddenly those chips, candy, and 4am pizza deliveries I was chowing on started catching up with me. I signed up for classes like Pilates, boxing, and cardo/ weight-based workouts because that’s what I thought I needed to get the body I wanted. But I hated going, and my muscles were constantly tight and in endless pain.

When I was 23, I found out I had scoliosis and could no longer do workouts that put so much pressure on my joints. I needed to find a workout that was gentle on my back, which thanks to all the boxing and weight-based workouts, was basically destroyed. 

And then I discovered my now husband’s workout, the P. Method.

My goal was to be long and lean, but still super toned with contoured runway legs and great arms—but I didn’t think that was possible for me. Well, after 3 months of working out, I was obsessed. My back felt better, I was standing upright, my hips were open, bulking and swelling went down, and I could see my body going places I didn’t think possible. But the best part was:  I actually looked forward to working out.

I was hooked.

Not only did I start seeing insane physical changes, but I was changing from the inside out, too.

During this same time, I started my company Cuvée Beauty. I was always the youngest person in the room; I didn’t go to college; I didn’t feel good about myself, and that would show in the workplace.

The gym really helped me feel powerful. I liked what I saw in the mirror. I was pain free, and my body felt amazing—I finally had the confidence to take on the day like a boss. That’s when I was really able to take Cuvée to the next level.

In 2016, I helped my husband launch his company P.volve. Watching him hone and develop his method through the years and help hundreds of women of all different ages, fitness backgrounds, shapes, and sizes reach their fitness goals and feel good about themselves is what truly keeps my passion alive.

Through P.volve, I’ve learned so much about the body. It’s a remarkable thing. I thought I was stuck in a body that wasn’t proportionally natural to my shape; I thought I would have pain for the rest of my life, and I thought I would be doing squats and lunges till I was 60—and still not be satisfied with my butt. Now I know, with dedication, you can completely transform yourself­–both inside and out (and get a juicy, lifted butt in the process!).

Being married to a fitness pro has its perks. I’m usually P’s guinea pig with new ideas, moves, and products—and I don’t like keeping secrets to myself! So, get ready for some major scoop, fitness tips, and tricks as I dish on ways YOU can reach the body and confidence of YOUR dreams.



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