Clean Eating Is Believing

Living a healthy lifestyle is everything to me.

After growing up on a diet of pizza, fast food, candy, and junk food, it wasn’t until my early 20s that I realized the toll it was taking on my body. I couldn’t cook a thing and was living on takeout and whatever was microwavable. 


Then I met my husband. A fitness pro who’s super knowledgeable about nutrition, P had a huge impact on the way I looked at food. He gave me the wakeup call I needed about the importance of nutrition. Our body is a well-functioning machine, and we have to feed and nurture it like one if we want to look good, have energy, and most importantly feel good. This was a major “a ha” moment.

Three years later, I’m cooking seven night a week (I actually prefer my own food to eating out!) and I’ve never felt better. I’ve learned to enjoy wholesome foods and actually savor the taste of a salad without all the added junk and heavy dressings, and eat foods without added butter, salt, and sauces.

I gave up junk food for one month—and when I realized how much better I felt from the inside out—it was easy to not want it anymore. And after a while, I didn’t crave a bag of chips or candy. I’d rather snack on fresh fruits or veggies.  

Once you embrace a clean eating lifestyle and eliminate the word “diet” from your vocab, you won’t even want to go back to old habits. I have tons of recipes and tips for healthy eating and living, which I’m all about sharing. Check in often to stay in the know!



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