Have Suitcase, Will Travel

As a Midwestern girl, growing up, I never traveled that far—sticking mostly to the U.S and Caribbean. When I was 19, I went on my first big trip with a girlfriend to Paris. I not only fell in love with Europe, but I caught an instant travel bug and wanted to explore the world.

Now an avid globetrotter, I love venturing to new countries and cities and soaking up the culture. Diving into the food, beauty, fashion, and architecture gives me so much inspiration. One of my favorite things to do in a new place is adopt the style of where I’m visiting. I’ll go all out with my clothes and fully dress the part of a local. It’s all about having fun with it! 

Follow me on my adventures. I’ll take you along to different destinations, give you some serious packing hacks, tips on keeping your skin fresh and hydrated after a 13-hour flight, and ways to stay healthy when away from home.



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