Night Time Glow

Night time is the most important part of your skin care regimen. You have to make sure all your makeup is off, and your skin is clean & prepped. After a long day of wearing makeup, walking around in the city, you must make sure that you get everything off. I’m going to share the process of how I go through this, but my biggest piece of advice is pay more attention to the steps, not products. What products work for me and my skin may not work for you. Environment, stress, diet, & weather play such a huge role into how our skin reacts & what products we need to be using. Having said that, no matter where I am in the world, what products I am switching between, the steps remain the same & always apply product from thinnest to thickest!

Step 1

Remove. Before I wash my face, I like to really get all the gunk off. I used to be an avid makeup wipe lover, but I have started to feel they were a little aggressive for my face. We have to be gentle, no wrinkles wanted over here. I now use Micellar Water soaked onto a cotton pad to cleanse first. I love this one from Bioderma because it is gentle enough for sensitive skin and also adds hydration, which I live for going into the warmer months.

Wash. After my cotton pad is clean, I move onto washing my face. I like to use a gentle cleanser that will clean without stripping. I use Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser. I wash with lukewarm water and massage the product onto my face with circular motions. You want something that doesn’t leave your face with that skin-tight feeling. Treat your skin and give yourself a mini facial.

Tools.  2-3 days a week I love using the Clarasonic for a deeper clean. I put cleanser on my face then use the brush as directed. I also just ordered the Nurse Jaime Instant Uplift, so will report back with feedback!

Step 2

Treat. Depending on your skin type, or what needs you’re going after, this will be different for everyone, and even for me depending on day, month, weather etc. Usually I use SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense only at night and on my T Zone to help keep everything nice & clear. When I am feeling my face is a more on the sensitive side, I skip this. I found that putting something harsh onto an already stressed out area makes it worse for me, and instead I just focus on hydrating the area and giving it some time to breathe. I then add a layer of hydration with hyaluronic acid + b5 to plump up the skin. *with both products I drop 3-4 drops into my hand and gentle massage onto area or face, then pat the product so the skin can fully absorb it.

Eyes. Never too early to start with this step, I like to use a cream that will help with my dark circles & dryness. Valmont Prime Countour, I picked up this new goodie from the spa at my fav hotel in LA. *use your ring finger and gently pat into area, always be very delicate.

Blemishes. For any little surprises that show up, it’s important not to pop or squeeze, especially if they’re not ready yet, we don’t want any marks. Instead try using drying lotion to get rid of that sucker. My go to is Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.

Step 3

Moisturize. Now time to seal in all of our hard work with moisturizer. After applying you want to feel moisturized and not greasy, you should not to wipe off any excess product. I’ve have been using Epionce Renewal Lotion & love that is formulated with one of my favorite ingredients Ceramides, just like all Cuvée Beauty products. AND don’t forget about the bod! As the last & final step, I always slather myself in lotion or body oil, slip into my jammies, and then jump into bed.

What other steps do you incorporate into your nighttime routine, any good tips for me?