Butt Pumping 101

Summer is upon us, which means one pieces, bikinis, and beach side selfies. I like to
make sure my bum is nice & perked year-round, but I work extra hard on this area
leading into the warmer weather. I am fortunate that my husband has been dubbed
by GQ as, the “Ass Master” and I can proudly say he has transformed mine.


The butt is the biggest, strongest muscle in our body, and it needs to be worked from
many different angles. Most people think a better butt means lunges, squats, and
kicks. Wrong! These exercises are only working one muscle of the butt, which means
you will never get that perfect round lifted shape!

There’s the top of the butt, which I like to call the shelf. The middle, the outside,
inside, and of course the lower, which I like to call the smile. When in a bikini, to me
the most important area that needs to be active, strong, & perky, is the smile. This is
the area where your butt meets your hamstring. This is my most difficult area to
maintain and one I’m constantly working on. For me, this area can make or break that
perfect bikini booty.

When you work the butt, you have to work every area in different planes of motion
and use different pieces of equipment. High ranges of motion work the shelf, while
lower ranges work the outside, middle and smile, while stepping patterns are the best
for outer. Equipment I love to use are ankle weights (1.5lb & 3lb), resistance bands
(light + heavy), gliders, and of course the magic P.ball. Nothing gets the smile and
inner butt quite like it. It is important to not work a specific area too much at any
given time. During a workout you should be hitting multiple areas, not just focusing
on one.

P has this down to a science. It takes commitment, focus, and is all about paying
attention to form! To achieve a beautiful behind, it is important to make sure all butt
exercises are never in our quads or thighs, and always in our glutes. Get ready to cut
your motions in half, keep your knees back, and always be aware of muscle

I want to give you guys the inside scoop to pumping your buns for summer. Here are
my favorite moves for each area to ensure a juicy booty and make sure your beach
side selfie will be the talk of the town.



Learn my 5 Favorite Moves to ensure your booty is nice & perky from every angle!