The Clothes Make The Girl

I love fashion - and the way it makes me feel.

An amazing outfit can seriously take my confidence to the next level. But I wasn’t always into it. In fact, growing up, I was a total tomboy. I wouldn’t even let anyone brush my hair and only wanted to wear my older brother’s clothes.

Everything changed when I turned 12.

It all started when I saw a picture of Elvis Presley’s granddaughter wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress. I told my mom I would NOT show up to my Bot Mitzvah unless I wore this exact outfit (what can I say, I was a girl who knew what she wanted!). Luckily, my mom complied. I got the dress and accessorized the rest of the look myself—from the Chanel cuff and choker down to the sparkly shoes. I have no clue where this couture craving came from; everyone else in my Midwestern family is pretty casual and laid back about clothing.

But, this was the catalyst that sparked a life-long love of fashion, and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

Coats, boots, accessories, I can’t pick a favorite. I wouldn’t even say I have a particular style. I like to dress for the occasion and my mood. Most days I’m more relaxed and keep things simple—workout clothes, jeans and a tee accented with fun shoes, a bag, or a coat. But, when I get dressed, I get DRESSED.

I’m always taking risks with fashion. I mean clothes are about having fun and not taking things too seriously, right?

I love finding shops online—it gives you access to stores/brands all over the world. Since I’m always traveling, I have go-to shops in different places like Elyse Walker in LA, Kirna Zabete in Soho, and the Webster in Miami. Check back for my fashion tips and store recommendations—I’ll even let you in on the best vintage shops for rocker Tees. Sharing is caring!



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