A Midwestern girl living in New York City, Rachel is a tastemaker who lives and breathes all things beauty, fitness, wellness, fashion, and travel.

Her life-long love of beauty, which began by dying her hair in the 4th grade, isn’t just a passion, it’s a way of life.    

Always experimenting with the latest beauty products and treatments, Rachel had a breakthrough experience that sparked a major beauty discovery. After a playful dousing of Champagne on her 21st birthday, Rachel realized her hair had never looked or felt better. Rather than just snap a selfie and chalk it up to luck, Rachel’s tenacity and natural curiosity kicked in. She spent the next three years researching ways to bottle Champagne as a hair treatment, mixing products and ingredients in her own bathroom. Driven by her entrepreneurial instincts, Rachel partnered with a lab and in 2016 turned her obsession with bubbly into a business called Cuvée Beauty. A state-of-the-art Champagne and skincare grade-infused product, the New York-based haircare brand is designed for low-maintenance, high-style living.

Rachel didn’t just stop at beauty. Her marriage to celebrity fitness trainer Stephen Pasterino combined with her love of working out, she was instrumental in helping ‘P’ launch P.volve. The fitness company is founded on a Victoria’s Secret model-approved workout; thanks to slow, controlled, precise movements, the workout sculpts, tones, and lengthens. Together, the young power couple are growing their businesses side by side and enjoying the ride.

Follow Rachel’s journey along the way!